Packed Perfect for Acumatica (SaaS Version)

Packed Perfect for Acumatica (SaaS Version)


PackedPerfect selects the most cost effective shipping boxes per order in Acumatica, generates detailed pick and pack instructions, facilitating the lowest, most accurate shipping quotes possible in Acumatica. Whether you ship 20 or 20,000 orders per day, PackedPerfect for Acumatica saves money on every shipment. Reduced shipping, labor and material costs translates to a better bottom line.




Know which boxes and what goes into them before picking a single item off the shelf.
Packaging for AcumaticaWhat is it?
PackedPerfect enhanced parcel packaging for Acumatica reduces operational and shipping costs by eliminating item to box assignment and calculating the least number of boxes avoiding dimensional weight whenever possible.  The result is the most cost effective shipping boxes per order available in Acumatica. PackedPerfect generates detailed packing slips which show each box and it’s exact contents. Reduced shipping, labor and material costs translates to a better bottom line. PackedPerfect pays for itself within the first 12 months in almost all instances.  PackedPerfect is powered by Mozula Technologies’ OSCO Server, the experts in optimized parcel packaging since 2003.

How does it work? PackedPerfect uses the size and weight of items to determine the right size box size(s) to fulfill an order by reducing dimensional weight, multi-box & over-size charges. As part of carton selection process, PackedPerfect supports specific business rules for box selection & item placement such as max weight per carton, loading orientation, nesting/stacking, and Hazmat, etc.  Best of all, this eliminates Acumatica item to box assignments – Change boxes in the warehouse in a single step within Acumatica without touching a single inventory item.

Sales Orders? During order entry, Packed Perfect uses exact dimension packaging which means Acumatica gets the most accurate shipping options possible.  Offer the best shipping rates possible to customers. Know Cost, Know Price, No problem.

Shipments? When Acumatica creates a shipment, Packed Perfect reprocesses the packaging to be sure that the most up-to-date items and dimensions are used for shipping.  Partial shipments are repackaged and quoted with unprecedented accuracy.

PackedPerfect for Acumatica

Why is this better? PackedPerfect configures packages using exact weights and dimensions and seamlessly integrates with Acumatica.  This means that any mix of products of any size can be optimized in real time. PackedPerfect virtually packages each order 100’s or 1000’s of time in seconds to identify the most cost effective package configuration. PackedPerfect works seamlessly across Acumatica and is built to be called by outside systems such as your eCommerce website. Simple: Shipping and labor costs decrease, Shopping cart abandonment is reduced because you can offer customers the absolute best shipping rates – no need to buffer product or shipment pricing to accommodate poorly estimated quotes.
PackedPerfect can help you whether you do 20 orders or 20,000 orders per day, with a typical first year ROI of 100% – 200%. Implementation duration is typically 1-2 weeks, fully tested and production-ready.


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Orders Per Month

Standard (500 Orders Per Month), Express (1,500 Orders Per Month), Professional (5,000 Orders Per Month), Enterprise (20,000 Orders Per Month)

Payment Frequency

Monthly, Yearly

Acumatica Version

4.20, 5.00, 5.10, 5.20, 5.30


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