Software that fits your business, Not the other way around.Acucode software solutions are designed to be extremely flexible and scalable. No more figuring out how to fit your business into a technology solution – our software was designed with you in mind. Acucode products are built leveraging technical and business expertise so every customization is real-world validated – functional, flexible, hassle-free.


Experience matters… Information Technology AND Business.Acucode provides pragmatic solutions. Whether engaged from the start of a project or rescuing an already troubled implementation, our consultants know technology that works for business. Acucode consultants have an average of 20 years of experience.


Enterprise IT Experience for Small and Medium size businesses.From the mailroom to the board room, Acucode quickly identifies right-sized business solutions. Business is never held hostage by IT. Meet the team here.

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Proudly offering Acumatica customizations and Cloud Based Solutions developed in the USA.

Paying too much for Sales Tax in Acumatica?  Get TaxJar for Acumatica from Acucode and stop paying too much for sales tax calculations!  TaxJar for Acumatica seamlessly installs into any Acumatica instance and is compatible with all version.  Additionally, our solution checks
Franmatica enables franchise operators to run more locations without increasing the back office.  Acumatica’s ability to communicate with other systems means that any back of house software can communicate information to finance and accounting in an automated fashion – no more copying

Acucode Packaging & Shipping



Acumatica provides simple packaging functionality right out of the box, but some companies need true packaging. For companies with 100’s or 1000’s of products, Acumagica Shipment Packaging is the ideal enhancement for Acumatica. Create packages for mixed good orders using actual dimensions, providing the fulfillment center with product lists and three dimensional images of every box or pallet. Never guess how to optimally pack each shipment. Never pay claims for lost items based on the honor system – know exactly what shipped.



Acumatica provides a foundation for reporting and analysis of anything imaginable for your business. Acumagica Analysis extends that capability to shipping, enabling a true understanding of labor, material, and shipping costs at the order, shipment, or item level. Acucode can also provide detailed analysis of existing shipping processes including packaging costs, carrier rates, and shipment processing. From software to sourcing, no other single company can offer comprehensive logistics services for Acumatica.



For many markets, sales are extremely competitive and purchase decisions frequently rest upon a company’s ability to offer the lowest order cost. Acumagica Quoting leverages our Packaging plugin to build quotes from rate tables or acquire quotes in real-time from any carrier for any size order. We currently have interfaces for over 20 carriers and boast one-day turnaround to add new carriers! Add our external interface to your website to offer accurate shipping quotes with delivery dates during checkout!

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